Naminukas of Draught Alley (2022)

Once upon a time, Naminukas lived in this alley, guarding the house, fuelling the hearth of peace and love in it. But the drafts of history destroyed everything. Sad Naminukas was languishing in the dark ruins, longing to have a cosy home again. And then it happened! With a blow of favourable wind the alley came to life. Naminukas came back and began to care for it again, to kindle the fire of comfort. From the joy that all this happened, a magical spring with special powers has gushed out.

Are you longing for your home to have peace, joy and love? Are you waiting for a favourable wind of change? Have a drink. You will find it all. And be sure to entertain Naminukas by tickling his belly button – he really loves to laugh!

*Naminukas is a household deity in Lithuanian folklore