The four styles of life are like four elements, the four seasons, and the four directions. But the artist transforms this rational scheme into the highly creative pattern.

“Life: to grow”. The golden seed is put into the stone vessel like into the womb of the goddess-mother or nature. The seed is nothing but the treasury of the different potencies before their manifestation. “Life: to fly”. The fly is understood not in a literal sense but as a possibility to ascend and to fall. The scales of spoons are able to represent this ephemeral balance: two eggs symbolize two different kinds of possibilities, light and darkness. But the whole plot is governed by the destiny which is unpredictable.
“Life: to love”. The human heart and the stone niche show the presence of life and death: both of them are united by the invisible power of love. To love – it means to surrender the rhythms of being which turn our body into the mummy of glass. The time itself is turned into the stone of eternity.
“Life: to intoxicate”. The intoxication is inseparable both from the ascent to heaven and the descent to hell. Its crazy power transcends the borders of good and evil, since the mouth of Infinity swallows up everything and only a sort of pseudo-ritualistic play with certain signs of destiny is left for us who create a so-called work of art.

Algis Uždavinys, PhD, art critic