About gallery

Gutauskai.lt is a virtual art gallery of parents Leonardas and Loreta Gutauskai and their son Tadas. The authors of the gallery represent two different generations of Lithuanian artists: Leonardas Gutauskas (1938-2021) is considered one of the most famous creators of “quiet modernism” and was a member of “Group 24”, Loreta Skripkutė – Gutauskienė (b. 1939) – professional pianist, teacher, since her 60 years she started creating unique textile works. And Tadas Gutauskas (b. 1970) is considered one of the most famous Lithuanian artists of the new generation, who creates monumental works in public spaces, sculptures, ceramic and paintings.

In our gallery you will have a possibility to buy artworks for the best price and without mediators. We can propose sculptures, paintings, graphic art, drawings and bussines gifts. We can deliver your commision within 3 days in Lithuania and within 7 days in abroad.